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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  August 18, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome to the "journal." i am terry martin in berlin. our top stories this hour, security clampdown in cairo. supporters canceled protest after four days of protest. u.n. inspectors arrive in syria to investigate claims that chemical weapons are being used. and china and russia continue to battle severe flooding across he far east. we begin in egypt, where islamist leaders say they've
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called off a series of rallies in cairo for security reasons. this comes after authorities raided the homes of muslim brotherhood members in an attempt to quell unrest. since wednesday clashes between security forces and supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi have left more than 180 people dead. tensions remained high with a vow to crack down on anyone using vees but he ininsisted there is room for everyone in egypt, including islamists. >> a show of force with tanks now posted throughout the capital. major squares have been blocked off, including the area around the mosque. police stormed a building on saturday arresting hundreds of protestors. banks and the stock exchange opened sunday for the first time in four days, but only for three hours. outside the capital many wonder when things will return to normal. the violence has been disastrous
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for the tourist industry. foreign visitors are an essential source of revenue in egypt. >> i can't even feed my horse. two days and i don't even have enough money for hay. >> the foreign minister expressed condolences for the injured and dead but says stability is a top priority. >> security has to be ensured. civility has to be found. but the political dialogue option is paramount, is on the table for anyone that has not violated the law. >> the egyptian military has the upper hand in cairo streets. the muslim brotherhood has cautioned its members against public demonstrations in some areas citing security concerns. >> to syria now, where u.n. inspectors are preparing to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons in the country's civil war. inspectors who arrived sunday in damascus are planning to visit three sites.
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the government of president bashar al-assad have accused each other of deploying chemical agents. >> the inspectors had no comment when they arrived at their hotel. their findings could have major consequences. a year ago the u.s. said that the use of chemical weapons would trigger action. >> we have been very clear to the outside regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start saying -- seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons being moved around or utilized. >> this video is said to show the victims of a gas attack, both sides have accused the other of using chemical agents. there are many anecdotal accounts. >> there was a smell so we went out. i felt dizzy and my eyes turned red. >> despite mounting evidence of
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chemical weapons use, the u.s. has not taken action yet. there has not been even a hint of military intervention so far. the inspector's mission is to conduct an independent analysis of whether such weapons were deployed at all, not who is responsible. they'll investigate three sites over a two-week visit. some in the opposition see the arrival of the inspectors as a hopeful sign, evidence of chemical warfare might bring more international support to their cause. >> the fighting in syria continues to drive people from their homes, with the u.n. now reporting a massive influx of
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companies without proper measures being taken to protect their identity. germany's pharmacies are allowed to pass their customer's health information on but only if patients names have been sufficiently encoded. it appears that wasn't the case for 42 million germans. market resemp companies that received the data deny inappropriate handling of the data. floods continue to ravage areas of china and the far east. chinese officials say the death toll has risen to 43 and dozens more people are missing. the region along russia's border and the province has been hit hardest. hundreds of thousands have been
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relocated. there has been heavy flooding and landslides in southeast china where six people have been killed. parts of china experienced floods every rainy season, but this year's are the most severe in decades. >> chinese rescue services are working around the clock here in china's southern hunan province. mudslides and flooding in the wake of the tie of -- typhoon have stranded thousands. many passengers have no choice but to wait. >> my train is suspended. it was supposed to leave the day before yesterday. hundreds of villages have been engulfed by the deluge and hundreds of thousands have been forced to flee. many while in the chinese-russian border region, dozens of people are still missing. hundreds of villages have been evacuated and more are set to
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follow as the waters are still rising. many flood victims have taken shelter from the water in emergency camps. on the russian side of the river, the water is also rising. russian officials say if the water levels continue to swell as many as 100,000 people may be forced to leave their homes. >> we will round up the latest sports news in just a moment. but first a brief look at other news making headlines around the world. the trial of disgraced chinese politician bo xilai is to begin on thursday formerly a member of the communist party, bo is charged with bribery and abuse of power. if convicted, he could face life in prison. the case is seen as china's biggest political scandal in decades. north korea has accepted an offer from south korea to resume
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reunions for families separated by the korean war of the 1950's. the next reunion is set to take place in september at a mountain resort in the north. the practice of reunions was established in 2000 but suspended three years ago. spanish fishermen have staged a floating protest near an artificial reef off gibraltar. they say the reef blocks access to valuable fish stock in the region. the dispute has led to tensions between spain and britain. gibraltar, which is a british territory, says the artificial reef is necessary to protect the region's fish from being overexploited. sports news now. sprint star usain bolt has chalked up another gold medal in moscow. jamaica's win in the four by 100 meter relays means he has now equaled carl lewis' record of eight golds at world championships, but the lightning bolt has one more silver medal
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to his name. germany also has reason to celebrate. women's javelin throw, she'd won five silver medals in international competition. ow she's finally won gold. nuremberg took on hertha berlin. they were on a high after a massive win last week but they came down to wert a big bump today in a 2-2 draw. the berliners were heading for a crucial away win before nuremberg scored the equalizer in the 90th minute. borussia dortmund overcame intracht braunschweig 2-1. shalka have had a worrying start this season. came up with three goals in just
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12 frantic minutes. take a look. >> this was a case of things to come for castavo. he went straight into the starting lineup and put on a commanding display, crossing idfield and blunting shalka. after the break, the wolves pounced. the ball broke. he bundled home the opener after 55 minutes. moments later, he burst into the box and struck sweetly to make it 2-0. then it was noldo's turn. he
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>> on monday intelligence agency coordinator testified again that parliamentmentarian on the spyi affair. he has been assured that neither the u.s. nor britain broke german data law. >> according to the n.s.a. and british intelligence agencies, german laws have been observed. the rights of our citizens in germany are being safeguarded. >> both the n.s.a. and british intelligence agencies assured him in writing that their activities had not been irregular. but in the wake of the programs
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revealed by edward snowden many remained skeptical, none more so than germany's opposition. >> there is no agreement which forbids the americans from using the prism program or instruments to monitor german communications. >> the government considers the affair closed but with the german election race heating up, the subject looks set to stay in the headlines. >> on monday rail passengers at a station faced cancellations as a result of ongoing organizational chaos. more than 40% of services were hit, severely disrupting the morn commute. half of the station's dispatchers are on vacation or sick. the rail operator has faced massive criticism for its handling of the crisis. >> it's not a question of personnel, it's a question of management. they've failed here big time. >> they say the current problems will be resolved by the end of
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august and it's pledged to recruit new dispatchers. >> one day after a presidential election runoff in mali, the former finance minister conceded defeat to his opponent. observers hailed himmings saying the move would help restore stability. he faces the difficult task of reuniting the country. northern ma lirks was captured by islamist rebels last year who were ousted after french troops intervened. the dutch prince died on monday after almost 18 months in a coma. the younger brother of the dutch king was hit by an avalanche in austria last year and lay buried under the snow for 15 minutes. he never regained consciousness. he died at age 44.
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>> on tuesday representatives of the german government commemorated the building of the berlin wall. more than 130 people were killed trying to escape to the west. the german cultural affairs minister laid wreets at the memorial. she told a group of teenager students at a berlin high school about her own experience of growing up in communist east germany. >> the man who helped steer the east german communist party back into mainstream politics after reunification died at the age of 71 on tuesday. he helped redefine the communist party's successor as a democratic left wing movement. in 2007, the p.d.s. merged with other groups to form the left
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party. bisky became a member of the european parliament before stepping down last year for health reasons. >> on tuesday the czech president accepted the resignation of the prime minister. he and his technocrat government stepped down six days after losing a vote of confidence in parliament. he is to stay on in a caretaker capacity. new elections are expected to be called next week. opinion polls suggest social democrats would win. on tuesday volunteer firemen in a small community were busy hupting for an unidentify -- hunting for an unidentified creature which attacked a small boy. the boy was smimming in this now drained lake when something bit his ankle severing his achilles tendon. experts believe it may have been a snapping turtle. the lake is set to remain closed
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until the animal has been tracked down. >> on wednesday the egyptian government evicted supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi from protest camps in cairo. thousands of members of the security forces moved in backed by bulldozers. witnesses say police fired but the situation escalated. >> they're shooting at us with live ammunition. can you hear the shots? >> a makeshift hospital was set up on a central bridge with doctors struggling to cope with the casualties. the government says more than 600 people were killed and blamed the muslim brotherhood for the violence. >> we were surprised that elements of the muslim brotherhood launched attacks on the police and government installations and religious sites to create chaos in the country.
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>> fighting spread to other cities like here in alexandria. the german foreign minister told d.w. the egyptian authorities had overstepped their mark. >> we condemn this violence, violence that could have been avoided. a political mission was possible, and in that respect, this was clearly a serious mistake by the current egyptian government. >> hundreds of bodies were laid out in mosques ready for burial. the muslim brotherhood condemned what it called a massacre and pledged to continue resistance. >> on wednesday israeli and palestinian negotiators met for the first time since 2010. israel released this 10-second video of the u.s.-brokered talks. both sides played down expectations of the jerusalem meeting and agreed to a news blackout. neither will reveal what's on the agenda for the talks. still, many israelis welcome that both sides have met face to
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face at all. >> the talks are a very good thing. it's a good thing to talk. as long as one talks, one doesn't shoot. >> but the stumbling blocks are substantial. in recent days, israel approved hundreds of new settler homes in the west bank and east jerusalem. that's angered many palestinians. to land. the right >> the goal of the talks is to reach a peace agreement within the next nine months. it's an ambitious target, one that many are skeptical about achieving considering the challenges involved. >> on wednesday, an explosion shook an indian submarine berth in mumbai. bystander filmed an explosion above the dock. it is believed all 18 sailors were killed. the 16-year-old russian made
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submarine had just undergone a refit. the explosion happened in the torpedo department. >> north and south korea re-entered talks on the closed factory complex. pyongyang shut the site down earlier this year during military tensions on the peninsula. the complex was jointly run by both sides and is situated just north of the border that divides the two koreas. the south wants a guarantee that the north will not unilaterally close the site in the future. >> on thursday a car bomb hit southern beirut, killing at least 20 people and wounding 300. the blast hit a southern suburb of the lebanese capital. the area is a strong hold of hezbollah, which the president of neighboring syria. hezbollah's chief sent 1,000
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fighters to support al-assad in the mysterious civil war, causing friction with the sunnis. a video has surfaced on youtube of a militant subi group claiming responsibility for the attack. if condemned, hezbollah has threatened more violence. >> berlin's museum opened in exhibition marking the birth of erman swit artist oppenheim. photos clinched her reputation as the movement's muse. but it was this work, a fur covered cup, saucer and spoon, which shot her to fame. a photo of it is on display at the berlin exhibition. whether it was jewelry, fashion or potery, the bow shows how she managed to unify all forms of
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expression. >> violence continued in egypt on friday. tens of thousands of supporters of the muslim brotherhood staged rallies after friday prayers. again there were clashes with security forces. there were dramatic scenes in cairo with protestors on a bridge trying to escape the automatic gunfire on the streets above. the protestors remained defiant. >> everyone is here to express their opinion. down with military rule. down with the old regime. down with anyone who kills egyptians. >> in cairo's square, the military fired tear gas to disperse 20,000 of pro-morsi demonstrators who gathered there. the muslim brotherhood accuses the police of shooting live ammunition at peaceful protestors. scores of people died during the day. violence was reported from cities across the country, like here in alexandria. the clashes look set to
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continue. egypt is edging towards chaos. >> on friday a filipino ferry collide wd a cargo ship and sank quickly. dozens of people were killed in the accident. many passengers remain unaccounted for despite extensive rescue operations. >> when we felt the boat tilt, we rushed up in fear of the ship capsizing. i accidentally let go of my son's hand and i can't find my daughter. it's unclear why the collision took place. but the safety record of ferries on the philippines is poor. many of the ships are old and often sail overloaded. >> u.s. researchers say they found a new species of mammal in the cloud forests of colombia and ecuador. the animal is the smallest member of the raccoon family. an adult measures about 60
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centimeters long and weighs around one kilo. specimens of the creatures have been kept in zoos and museums before but were falsely kcet link.
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>> that perfect. perfect. come on, guys. the first trips i did on the trail was overnight camping in a tent.


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